Sharefer is the game-changing referral system for sharing & referring property projects on social media platforms. We pay you referral fees if your friends click your shared link on Facebook and buy our partners' properties.

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Everyone can earn referral fees

Sharefer partners with property developers to offer referral fees to public who refers their social media friends to purchase property. To get started, follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Sign in

Sign in as a referrer with your Facebook account. Tell us your preferred payment account i.e. PayPal or local bank account in order for us to deposit your referral fees.

2. Share & refer

Explore our partners' property projects and share them on Facebook. You can then track your shared projects if your friend clicks and requests for viewing the property.

3. Earn referral fees

Once your friend has successfully purchased an unit of the property project, we will deposit the indicated referral fees to your preferred account, for every unit referred.

Wait no more, sign up now to be our referrer, at no cost.

Our partners

Sharefer partners with property agencies to spread our property projects on Facebook via our revolutionary referral system.

Find out the pricing for developer to showcase your projects leveraging Sharefer social referral engine. Alternatively, join us as partner if you are real estate agent.

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